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Choose the correct sentence:

1.Mike are a big man.
Mike is a big man.

2.I am twenty-five years old.
I have twenty-five years.

3.We are going to London tomorrow.
We going to London tomorrow.

4.Mount Everest is the biggest mountain in the world
Mount Everest is the most big mountain in the world.

5.She eats at the moment.
She is eating at the moment.

Complete the five conversations, choose A, B, or C:

6. Is lunch ready yet?
Ten minutes ago.In a few minutes.It’s been too long.

7. I’ll write a letter to you.
I’ll post it.That will be nice.It hasn’t come yet.

8. Let’s have a pizza.
Not again.It doesn’t matter.Not at all.

9. How does the washing machine work?
Too much.Not often.Like this.

10. I prefer swimming to tennis.
I do, too.I can’t have it.That’s better.

Complete the conversation between two friends. For questions 11-14 choose between A-G. Use each option only once!

Gordon: Hi Marie. How are you?

Marie: I’m fine thanks, how are you?

Gordon: I’m fine. That’s a lovely sweater you’re wearing. Where did you buy it?


Gordon: Do you know where he bought it?


Gordon: Is that the shop next to the pizza restaurant?


Gordon: Do they sell sweaters for men?


For each question choose the correct word for each space, choose A, B, C or D.

Deep sleep is important for everyone. The actual of sleep you need depends your age. A young child to sleep ten to twelve hours, and a teenager about nine hours. Adults differ a lot in their sleeping . For most of them, seven to eight hours a night is , but some sleep longer, while others manage with only four hours.

For a good night, having a comfortable to sleep is very important. Also there should be of fresh air in the room. A warm drink sometimes helps people to sleep, it is not a good idea to drink coffee immediately before going to bed.

you have to travel a very long distance, try to go to bed earlier than usual the day before the . This will help you to feel more rested when you arrive.

For questions 25-29, look at the text in each question. What does it say? Choose A B or C.

25. Nothing of value is left in this van overnight.

Valuable objects are removed at night.
Valuables should not be left in the van
This van is locked at night.

26. To: Mike
From: Sue
Subject: Swimming Competition

Could you email the event list – didn’t get all the details down at our last meeting. Sorry you’re not fit enough. Wish me luck!

Mike didn’t attend the meeting about the swimming competition.
Sue’s notes on the swimming competition are incomplete.
Mike and Sue are both taking part in the swimming competition.

27. Special Offer!
If you use the swimming pool ten times in one month, you can attend one Water Fitness Class free of charge!

The water fitness classes are free to people who swim ten times in a month.
This month, you can go to Water Fitness Classes and use the swimming pool ten times without paying.
The swimming pool is free to people who go to the Water Fitness Classes.

28. Please note there are no flight announcements – passengers must check the flight information desk.

You must find out the time your flight leaves from your booking information.
You will not hear any flight information so read the screens instead.
TYou should check that the screen gives the same flight information as your ticket.

Tailor’s shoe shop phoned. They’ve got the shoes you ordered but will only keep them till Thursday. Can you get them before then?

Joe’s shoes will be delivered to the shoe shop on Thursday.
The shoe shop will order Joe’s shoes before Thursday.
Joe needs to go to the shoe shop by Thursday.

For questions 30-37 complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. DO NOT CHANGE THE WORD. You must use between two and five words.

30. Why are you interested in taking up a new hobby?
Why (WANT) up a new hobby?

31. "Have you seen my gloves anywhere, Eric?" asked Mrs Noble.
Mrs Noble asked Eric (SEEN) her gloves anywhere.

32. Robert has not had a job for two years.
Robert has (OUT) for two years.

33. "I will complete the work only if you pay me 500 GBP extra", said Frank.
"I will (NOT) you pay me 500 GBP extra", said Frank.

34. The thief ran right past you so I’m sure you saw his face.
The thief ran right past you so (MUST) his face.

35. I don’t object to the council building a new road here.
I (OBJECTION) the council building a new road here.

36. The author wrote her latest novel while she was staying in Majorca.
The author’s latest novel (WAS) stay in Majorca.

37. The newspaper offered Lynda 5000 GBP for her story, but she refused.
Lynda (TURNED) of 5000 GBP from the newspaper for her story.

For questions 38-47 read the text below. Use the word to form a new word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).


Computers have had the (ABLE) ability to play chess for many years now, and their (PERFORM) in games against the best players in the word has shown steady (IMPROVE) . However, it will be years before the designers of computer games machines can beat their (BIG) challenge yet – the ancient board game Go. The playing area is (CONSIDERABLE) larger than in chess and there are far more pieces, so that the (COMBINE) of moves is almost (END) . The game involves planning so many moves ahead that even the (IMPRESS) calculations of the fastest modern computers are (SUFFICIENT) to deal with the problems of the game.

In a recent (COMPETE) for computer Go machines, the best machine beat all its computer rivals but lost (HEAVY) to three young schoolchildren, so there is obviously still a lot of work to do.

For questions 48-52 read the following text and then choose from the list A-H the best phrase to fill each space. Write one letter in the space provided, and use each letter only once.


Most people are unaware they possess a quite remarkable skill, which is usually overlooked because it is exercised daily, and in the most ordinary of contexts. But without it, our lives would be unfulfilled and empty. It is the ability to relate to others, to engage them in conversation, to operate as social and sociable individuals and to develop both short-term and long-term relationships (48) ____. We are not born with this ability. There is nothing wired into the human brain that provides us with set responses to social situations. To perform effectively in a world (49) ____, encounters and relationships, we have to learn what to do.

Small babies, as any parent will remember, are among the least sociable beings (50) ____. They are totally demanding, utterly selfish and scream with rage if their every whim is not immediately satisfied. Somehow this unlikely raw material is transformed over the years into a being (51) ____ on being able to form reciprocal bonds with others and to follow complex rules (52) ____. The monstrous infant becomes the caring, responsible adult whose life experiences revolve around both the joys and pains, and the giving and receiving, of friendships and other relationships. It is this remarkable transformation which is the central characteristic of being human.






Zdroj testu: KET, PET, FCE and CAE Handbooks, University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations

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