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Part 1

For questions 1 – 12, read the text below and decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).

What we know about music and the brain

Work on the human brain has (0) indicated how different parts are centres of activity for different skills, feelings, perceptions and so on. It has also been shown that the left and right halves, or hemispheres, of the brain are (1) for different functions. While language is processed in the left, or analytical hemisphere, music is processed in the right, or emotional hemisphere. (2) of music like tone, pitch and melody are all probably processed in different parts of the brain. Some features of musical experience are processed not just in the auditory parts of the brain, but in the visual ones. We don’t yet fully understand the (3) of this.

The tempo of music seems to be (4) related to its emotional impact, with fast music often (5) as happier and slower music as sadder. It is the same with the major biological rhythm of the body: our heart (6) quickens when we’re happy, but slows when we’re sad. Military music may have (7) from attempts to get us ready for (8) by using fast drumming to (9) our hearts into beating faster. Music is perhaps one of the most complex experiences the brain (10) with and it has become an absolutely (11) part of our rituals and ceremonies. It has power beyond language to (12) mood and co-ordinate our emotional states.

Part 2

For questions 13 – 27, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each gap. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).


According to the World Health Organisation, malaria, a disease spread (0) by mosquitoes, affects millions of people every year. Everyone knows how irritating the noise made by a mosquito, (13) by a painful reaction to its bite, can be. It is astonishing that so (14) is known about why mosquitoes are drawn to or driven away from people, given (15) level of distress and disease caused by these insects. We know that the most effective chemical (16) protecting people against mosquitoes is diethyltoluamide, commonly shortened (17) deet. (18) deet works well, it has some serious drawbacks: it can damage clothes and some people are allergic to it.

Scientists know that mosquitoes find some people more attractive than others, but they do not know (19) this should be. They also know that people vary in (20) reactions to mosquito bites. One person has a painful swelling while (21) who is bitten by the same mosquito (22) hardly notice. Scientists have (23) discovered the reason for this, but they have carried (24) experiments to show that mosquitoes are attracted to, or put (25) by, certain smells. In the future, scientists hope to develop a smell that mosquitoes cannot resist. This could be used in a trap (26) that, instead of attacking people, mosquitoes would fly into the trap and be destroyed. For the time (27) however, we have to continue spraying ourselves with unpleasant liquids if we want to avoid getting bitten.

Part 3

For questions 28 – 37, read the text below. Use the word given in capitals to form a word that fits in the gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).

An ancient tree

In Totteridge, in north London, there is a yew tree estimated to be between 1,000 and 2,000 years old. This tree, however, is a mere youngster in (0) comparison (COMPARE) with others of the species. The record in the UK is held by a yew in Scotland that is thought to be between 4,000 and 5,000 years old. However, such trees are becoming (28)(INCREASE) rare and the Totteridge specimen was considered of (29)(SUFFICE) importance to be named in 1999 as one of the 41 ‘great trees’ in London. Like many yews, the Totteridge tree (30)(DOUBT) predates the buildings around it and its exact age is unknown.The Totteridge tree needs little (31)(MAINTAIN). Some of its outer branches hang down so low that they have taken root. But this is part of the tree’s natural architecture and contributes to its (32)(STABLE) in high winds. With the best of (33)(INTEND), ancient yew sites are often tidied up with no benefit to the tree. Dead branches are not (34)(READY) shed by the tree and their wood harbours a multitude of insects, an inseparable part of the old tree’s natural (35)(DIVERSE). Something of the tree’s history is lost with the (36)(REMOVE)of dead wood. After all, the decaying, twisted and (37)(ATTRACT) parts give the tree character.

Part 4

For questions 38 – 42, think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three sentences. Here is an example (0).

Example - 0:

They say the new minister is a lovely person and very ……………… to talk to.

My neighbours have not had a very ……………… life, but they always seem cheerful.

It’s ……………… enough to see why the town is popular with tourists.

(0) easy

I can’t see the ……………… of all this paperwork, can you?

I was so frustrated that I was on the ……………… of giving up, but my piano teacher persuaded me to keep on practising.

Now, let’s move on to the final ……………… for discussion at this meeting.


I think it’s ……………… to say that not everyone in the boardroom agreed with the decision about the site of the new factory.

Rita complained that it was not ……………… that she had a smaller company car than her colleagues.

My husband looks nothing like his brothers and sisters because he is so ……………… .


The workers at the car factory are at present ……………… in negotiations to improve their position.

As the business expanded and more staff were required, the company ……………… the services of a recruitment agency.

When my brother and his new girlfriend announced that they were ……………… it took the whole family by surprise.


The instructions were written in such a complicated way that Joe had to spend a long time ……………… out how to set up the printer.

First results indicated that the new drug was ……………… and had no side effects.

John was annoyed to find the drinks machine was not ……………… yet again.


Lisa is in ……………… while I’m away from the office, OK?

They’ve introduced a small ……………… for parking outside the station.

The protestors moved back quickly in reaction to a sudden ……………… by the police.


Part 5

For questions 43 – 50, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between three and six words, including the word given. Here is an example (0).

Example 0:

James would only speak to the head of department alone.

James INSISTED ON SPEAKING(ON) to the head of department alone.


There were a lot of things that we had to think about before we could accept their offer.

There were several things that we (OBLIGED) consideration before we could accept their offer.


Do you think you could help me to fill in this application form?

I (WONDERING) me a hand filling in this application form.


I know that it was wrong of me to shout in front of the customers.

I know that I should (RAISED) in front of the customers.


If you need any help, you can always call me.

If you need any help, (HESITATE) me.


It hasn’t rained quite as much this year as in previous years.

This year, it has rained 43. (SLIGHTLY) did in previous years.


Unless the weather improves, they will have to stop the tennis match.

If the weather doesn’t get (MEAN) stopping the tennis match.


I don’t mind whether we stay in or go out this evening, but John wants to go to the cinema.

It doesn’t (DIFFERENCE) whether we stay in or go out this evening, but John wants to go to the cinema


It’s possible that the thieves entered the building by forcing a window at the back.

The thieves may (BROKEN) the building through a window at the back.

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