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Part 1

You will hear three different extracts. For questions 1 - 6, choose one answer which fits best according to what you hear. There are two questions for each extract.

Extract One

You hear two people on a music programme talking about the singer Nancy Graham.

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1. What is the man’s opinion of Nancy’s second album?
He thinks it is very experimental.
He appreciates the continuity of style.
He wonders if she is lacking inspiration.

2. What do the two speakers agree about?
the freshness of the music
the lack of real emotion in the music
the calming effect of the music on the listener

Extract Two

You hear part of an interview with a woman who trained the winning horse in a top showjumping competition.

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3. Why does she compare herself to an Olympic athlete?
to demonstrate how tough she had to be
to explain how she reacted to her victory
to emphasise how fortunate she was to win

4. How did she feel before her horse won the competition?
uncertain of the rider’s ability
frustrated with the worsening weather
doubtful whether her horse was fit enough

Extract Three

You hear part of an interview with a food writer called Richard Capstick.

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5. Richard decided not to become a chef because he lacked
adequate organisational skills.
a talent for inventive cooking.
the ability to make quick decisions.

6. What did Richard think about food writing before he got involved in it?
He considered himself well suited to it.
He regarded it as a hobby rather than a career.
He imagined a qualification was needed to do it.

Part 2

You will hear a marine wildlife photographer called Bruce Hind talking about his work. For questions 7 - 14, complete the sentences.

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7. Bruce says that is the most important aspect of his work.

8. Before going on a trip, Bruce makes of the photographs he hopes to take.

9. Knowing the type of photographs he wants to take helps Bruce to choose the right .

10. Bruce disagrees with people who say his way of taking photographs is not .

11. It’s important to find out whether is needed to photograph in a particular place.

12. Bruce says that have spoiled several promising shots.

13. When at sea, Bruce generally keeps his cameras in a container designed for storing

14. He is particularly pleased when his photographs appear in

Part 3

You will hear part of a radio interview in which the comedian and writer Jane Clarkson is talking about her work. For questions 15 - 20, choose one answer which fits best according to what you hear.

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15. What did Jane find difficult about writing a book?
She couldn’t travel around the country.
She didn’t get any instant reaction to her work.
She had to spend time looking after her daughter.
She found the process itself very challenging.

16. According to Jane, why did some critics dislike her novel?
They didn’t think the book was funny.
They were dismissive of her initial success.
They thought her male colleagues were better writers.
They thought she should stick to being a comedian.

17. Which aspect of Jane’s work as a comedian helped her to write?
her patience
her ability to listen
her habit of watching people
her rational way of thinking

18. According to Jane, how do many people react to female comedians?
They’re convinced women can’t tell jokes.
They’re afraid the women will break down.
They find women’s humour too intense.
They find women’s jokes embarrassing.

19. What was the disadvantage of the stage image which Jane developed?
It frightened the audience.
It made the audience angry.
People thought it reflected her real personality.
People did not take her seriously any more.

20. Why does Jane prefer being a solo comedian to acting in a play?
She can choose where she works.
There is a greater range of roles.
It’s more rewarding financially.
It’s a more relaxing way of life.

Part 4

You will hear five short extracts in which people are talking about keeping fit.

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While you listen you must complete both tasks.



For questions 21 - 25, choose from the list A - H the person who is speaking. For questions 26 - 30, choose from the list A - H what each speaker is expressing.
21. Speaker 1: 22. Speaker 1:
22. Speaker 2: 27. Speaker 2:
23. Speaker 3: 28. Speaker 3:
24. Speaker 4: 29. Speaker 4:
25. Speaker 5: 30. Speaker 5:

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